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About Marlana


Hello and welcome. My name is Marlana, and it’s my duty to help answer questions about your future and provide you with information that gives you peace of mind. There are several questions or concerns that you may have regarding your life — including your love, career, family, and more. It’s my hope that you will trust me to provide you with some answers so that you don’t worry about what’s coming next. For years, clients throughout Florida have trusted me to open the doors and shed light on their situations, and you can trust me too. 

When you choose me as your psychic or for a tarot reading in Florida, you get transparency throughout the process. Below, you can learn all about who I am, what I offer, and how I can help you get answers. 

Call us today at (407) 759-5486 and discover more about your future.

My Commitment


I want to ensure that anyone who comes into my place can feel confident that they have made the right choice. I make a commitment to provide the highest quality services possible at a time when you need them most. I aim to be your light, offering you the following: 

  • Personal readings that are all about you and your needs. Your questions are answered. Your concerns are addressed. Your life and care matter to me.
  • Transparency with honest answers that are easy for you to understand. I’ll explain the tarots, so you know what they mean for your life. 
  • Honest answers that help give you peace of mind. I’m all about making sure you know everything that the reading provides. 

My Services


I offer a wide range of services because I know that everyone has different needs. You may want answers on particular aspects of your life, or you may wish for a comprehensive reading that details everything. Here are some of the services we offer and how they help:

  • Tarot card readings that will tell you all about your past, present, and future. Each tarot card provides you with personalized information about you and your life.
  • Palm readings using the lines on your palms to read your life story. All lines are unique, and they tell you all about your life. 
  • Psychic readings that tell you about your future. There are many forms of psychic readings that I can utilize.
  • Crystal ball readings give me an in-depth look at what your future holds. 
  • Chakra readings allow me to use your energy to look into your emotional and physical well-being. 
  • Love questions about marriage and children can be answered. We understand how important it is, and we want to get you answers. 

I’m Here and Ready to Help You


Are you ready to get answers? I’m prepared to provide you with whatever service you desire and help you learn more about your future. Trust that I’ll be there for you every step of the way to explain your options and get you answers when you need them most.

Call me at (407) 759-5486 and learn more about my services.